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  Same day service usually available for emergency filings to stop lawsuits, wage garnishments & foreclosures.  

Florida Bankruptcy Services is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation service.  We are located in Gulfport, Florida (next to Saint Petersburg) and have been in business for 15+ years. 


Our fees are set by the bankruptcy court - $200.00.


We come highly recommended by our clients, trustees, local attorneys, and our local legal aid office. Why?  All the chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies we prepare are straight up by the book and you wouldn't want it any other way. 


If you live in the Tampa Bay area (Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Manatee, or Hernando county) it would be our pleasure to help you get you out of debt.




We see clients by appointment only because filing bankruptcy is a private matter that should not be shared.


Florida Bankruptcy Services


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Bankruptcy In Plain English

  Bankruptcy Myths
Chapter 7  

Bankruptcy is difficult.

Chapter 7 vs. 13   While there are many rules in bankruptcy and the process may seem confusing, it is not so difficult that you should forego the benefits bankruptcy can afford you. The process is straight forward in most situations.
Means Test  
Top 10 Mistakes  
Filing Fee Waiver  


Bankruptcy Glossary  

If I file bankruptcy, I will never get credit again.

Bankruptcy Court Info   It is possible to rebuild your credit within months of filing bankruptcy. In many cases, clients report having an easier time obtaining credit after the bankruptcy freed them from so much debt but this assumes debtor's clean up their credit reports after receiving their discharge of debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I File              
Credit Reports   If I file, I will lose my IRA, or 401(k).
What Can I Keep  

Nothing could be further from the truth because there are several exemptions built into the bankruptcy law that exempts this type property in it's entirety regardless of the amount of monies in the accounts but this assumes you claim the exemptions you are entitled to

Can One Spouse File  
Taxes & Student Loans  
Bankruptcy Myths              
        My debts are uncollectible because I am unemployed.

Debt Collection


In most states, including Florida, your creditors can sue you for up to five years and collect against you for another twenty years after that if a creditor obtains a judgment. To put this in real perspective an individual who is thirty years old will have to deal with the creditors until he or she is fifty-five years old.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act  
Telephone Consumer Protection Act  
Fair Credit Reporting Act  
Worst Debt Collectors              
        If I file, I will lose my job or not be able to get a new job.
Our Location   In most cases, employers will not find out about the bankruptcy unless you choose to tell them. Either way, employers are not allowed to fire or refuse to hire someone (or take other adverse action) for filing bankruptcy.
2808 Beach Blvd South #9  
Gulfport, FL  33707  
We see clients by appointment only   My bankruptcy will hurt my spouse's credit.
to ensure your privacy   When one spouse files for bankruptcy protection, his or her spouse’s credit is not affected BUT if your spouse is a joint account holder for any debt responsibility for repayment will rest with the spouse in most cases.
Our Hours  
Monday thru Friday              
9:00 am thru 5:00 pm   Bankruptcy will not help me because I owe taxes.
    While it is true that some taxes will not be discharged, others can be.
Note:  our hours are flexible.              
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